Thursday, June 15, 2006

does it like...riddles?

first, thanks to all of the kind readers, human and otherwise, who have left comments recently. i'll have to put up a separate blurb page detailing the vast amounts of praise this blog has garnered.

track 117 was the beatles with "i'm so tired" which has supposedly has some backwards stuff at the end that says "paul is dead". if only.
track 118 was "revolution 9, which has all kinds of backwards stuff in it, not to mention some crazy panning. track 119 was pink floyd with "empty spaces" which, if you listen to it backwards, tells you "congratulations. you have just discovered the secret message. send your answer to old pink, care of the funny farm, chalford, uk".
track 120 was the alan parsons project's "price to pay" which, besides having a horn intro that i will swear was used in monty python and the holy grail, supposedly has some back masking at the end that says ""escucha, baby, al demonio, es bien fácil". i don't hear it.
track 121 is "don't stop" from the stone roses, which is just "waterfall" backwards. now that's lazy songwriting.
track 122 is r.e.m. with "what's the frequency, kenneth?" which has a backwards guitar solo, played on one of kurt cobain's guitars.

track 123, now this is something. as you may know, "like spinning plates" is basically a backwards "i will"(listen). but how did the backwards song come before the frontwards one? well, one day, radiohead was in the studio recording songs for amnesiac when there was a burst of light and suddenly thom yorke from the future appeared! that's right, two thom yorkes! apparently future thom yorke had been messing around with some hail to the thief tracks and decided to play "i will" backwards and the resulting distortion sent him back in time. luckily, radiohead are scientists as well as musicians, so they figured out that if future thom could somehow learn to sing the song backwards, he would be sent back into his own time. this took some practice, and the two thoms had many adventures while he was perfecting his backwards singing. it is rumored that thom's new solo album is actually a coded account of his adventures in time. the title, eraser, actually refers to the seduction and assasination of a young yugoslavian general who had come to power as an evil dictator in future thom's time stream.

track 124 is a sigur ros track, "staralfur" that also has some backwards elements. tracks 125 and 126 are off of the new fiery furnaces album, "in my little thatched hut", and "benton harbor blues". there's backwards talkin' all through that album! the fiery furnaces need to talk to thom yorke, i don't think they realize the power that they are playing with.

bit of a stutter here, two tracks 126, bad labeling on my part.

track 126
track 127
track 128
track 129
track 130
track 131
track 132
track 133
track 134


Anonymous druid said...

some mormon bands you left out:

the jets
peter breinholt!!
voice male
the killers
alice cooper(?)
jon schmidt
jericho road
steve martin and the martinellis
motley crue
the pussycat dolls

8:33 AM  
Blogger mp3hugger said...

Kudos on the name you've chosen for your blog. I love it (not enough to have given your Ipod that....

4:40 PM  

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