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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

...then i don't have a weiner

mosquito alarm, the debut from no coupon, no pizza, has just dropped harder than the NASDAQ and the blogiverse is abuzz. featuring calvin smooth and the guy with the beard from the peach fuzz video.

Monday, August 06, 2007

receiving data from david bowie nipple antennae

track 211
track 212
track 213
track 214
track 215
track 216
track 217
track 218
track 219
track 220
track 221

track 211 was another beastie boys mashup, this time with that other british four-piece. from let it beast. there's another one from djbc called the beastles that i have not been able to get onto my hard drive. if anyone's got it, hook a blogger up (groan).
track 212 was just the plain ol' beatles..."splhcb". it's weird hearing it not followed by "a little help".
tracks 213, 214, and 215 are also "fake-live" tracks - studio recorded tracks with crowd noise edited in for one reason or another. 213 is the lips, "yoshimi pt. 2"; 214 is "magic trick" from m. ward's latest (not my favorite track from the album, but it does the job); and 215 is "finer feelings" from spoon's new one, Ga x 5. good album, although i've had it on my player for a little too long now. the wife and i did our 12-mile run on saturday, and i was a leetle sick of spoon by the end of it. it didn't help that our driver left the car at the 14-mile mark instead of at 12, so we had to hitch a ride. we put some serious stank in some nice lady's new oldsmobuick.
anyway, i'd like to know where the crowd noise on the spoon track comes sounds a little like ali g, no? also, check out the bass harmonica at the end.
track 216 is "slow hands," from interpol. remixed by mr. brett daniels, from spoon. track 217 is me, with a little track called "too much interpol." this is what happens when you have access to recording equipment and have just listened to our love to admire 4 or 5 times in a row while playing peggle (click at your own risk, that shit is addictive).
track 218 is the real interpol, "pioneer to the falls." this is a damn good track, and do my ears detect the soothing sounds of the melodica?
okay, track 219 is not a traditional audio-only track, as you may have noticed. it is a combination of moving images and musical sounds, juxtaposed to mirthful effect. i'm sure most of you have at least heard of flight of the conchords; if not, i announce with trembling pleasure the appearance of a great new novelty music act. i like this song much less than many of their other efforts, but the mandolin effect at the 1:00 mark reminds me of the guitar at the 2:56 mark on the interpol track.
track 220 is another fotc song, from episode 6. better, better. earlier in the same episode, jemaine shows up as "1980 david bowie from the music video 'ashes to ashes'(track 221)" if you've come this far you should go ahead and watch "1972 david bowie from the ziggie stardust tour." now go change your pants.

Friday, June 01, 2007


some crazy mixing ups with the last post...there was supposed to be a doors/peaches mashup in there somewhere, but apparently it got lost somewhere between my typing keys and my internet screen. it, i guess, if you're really interested.

fine, i looked it up for you, lazy suck.

track 185 and track 186 were both "soba" from the benevuto/russo duo, a two-piece (surprise) from brooklyn. just like the doors, they have no bassist.

you might think that not having a bassist is not too big of a deal...the black keys get along fine without one (track 187), and are any of us really going to miss michael anthony? but don't be too hasty, brother. we took a trip to a little place called george washington over the weekend, and neko case's bassist was in a car accident and could not attend. guess what? it didn't sound as good. and where would we be without this guy?

i think that i'm going to try something different with the ol' web's been kind of a pain in my ass to revisit the last entry everytime i want to post, so i think that i'll start posting new tracks at the top of the post and then post new post track information postings at the bottom of the post.

track 188
track 189
track 190
track 191
track 192
track 193
track 194
track 195
track 196
track 197
track 198
track 199
track 200
track 201
track 202
track 203
track 204
track 205
track 206
track 207
track 208
track 209
track 210

that's a lot of hooch. if you haven't already, i recommend getting down-them-all and grabbing them shits as a group, unless you like clicking and downloading each individual link.

so, like i explained above, from now on, i'll post the tracks and the explanation/description in the same post. don't worry, the explanations will be far enough down on the post that those of you who still want to play the home game won't have it spoiled.

in this case, i'm not even going to try and give a description of each track. i'll tell you that track 188 is viva voce and they don't have a bassist either. they're kind of like a bizarro white girl in cowboy hat on guitar, and sloppy dude on drums. after that, suffice it to say that every one of the bands above played at sasquatch this year. it was a hell of a show. many many different flavors of hippies and second-hand pot. the polyphonic spree had their set shortened because of the wind, sarah silverman showed up for all of 90 seconds, and both carlos d and i got our asses kicked at guitar hero. if you have the means, i highly recommend making the trip. photos here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

you know i'll never go, as long as i know

behold. the power of poocher. it's going to be a short one, to be sure, but here it is. remember when i said something about weekly updates? let's go ahead and just realize we can expect updates about once every half-moon. the waning half moon, sheez. let's not get crazy.

okay, last post's tracks were:
177 - "to go home" from m. ward. as i mentioned previously, he played an apparently marathon session with cat power to record track 176. also, "to go home" is a daniel johnston cover.
178 - "devil town." also a daniel johnston tune. this one's performed by bright eyes.
179 - "rocket ship." the unicorns (may they rest in peace) doing johnston. druid was sitting in the vip booth with me and the missuses at the islands show in salt lake, and when jaime d'artagnan said that they were going to do a cover, druid's ass totally called "waterloo sunset" before the pick even hit the strings. that, ladies and gentlemen, is what indie rock magic means to me.
track 180 - beck doing johnston's "true love will find you in the end." for some reason that file is mislabeled.
track 181 - mr. tweedy doing the same song. not better, guys. just different.
track 182 - jeff and a song called either "panthers" or "proving death again," depending on who you ask. if you ask wilco, they'll tell you it's called panthers, but i have my own ideas on the subject.
track 183 is a the famous new age new-age pianist george winston (forgot the hyphen, thanks druid for the proof-reading) and holy shit i forgot what it's called. the end of it, though, has that same thing as the live tweedy song. that thing that's not really music, but makes you want to pour yourself into your headphones.
track 184 - george winston again, covering the doors.

what could come next?

track 185
track 186 (problems, use alternate link)
track 187

Monday, October 23, 2006

eff. you. see. kay.

track 168 was "anticipation," from blonde redhead, a band with the same gender ratio as yo la tengo (fmm). slightly different ethnic makeup, however. track 169 was "modern girls and old-fashioned men" from another new york band, the strokings, featuring regina spektor. we saw the strokes a couple of weeks ago and they were much more friendly than i anticipated. the difference between the stuff from the new album and the first two was very apparent. tracks 170 and 171 are supposedly ryan adams covering the strokes, but I have my doubts, especially about the first one. anybody that can verify one way or the other, give me a ring. a call from ryan adams himself would be ideal, we'll see if we can put that together.
track 172 was "come pick me up," also from mr. adams. which begins a series of songs in which the f-word is sweetly sung:
track 173, "the trapeze swinger," from iron and wine. that song is like a 9 minute parade, especially with headphones on. listen for the elephants to come in at just before the 7 minute mark.
track 174, "another sunny day," from belle and sebastian. i don't know anything about this song. other than the facts that they say "fook-all" and it's on pitchfork's infinite mixtape.
track 175, "don't call me whitney, bobby," from the islands. coming back to slc in november. i will be present.
track 176, "willie deadwilder," from cat power and guest guitarist m.ward. there's a (much) shorter version of this song on the greatest, but it doesn't say eff, so disqualified. i like the 18-minute monster version better anyway; listening to the whole song is almost as good as taking a nap. i think that you can hear chan stop to take a drink every now and then.
and so ends our foray into pg-13 territory. i like these songs because they take almost all of the power away from "fuck." if you were offended by its use in any of the preceding songs, you should probably spend some time considering your fear of mortality and how it's polluting your present life experiences.

track 177
track 178
track 179
track 180
track 181
track 182
track 183
track 184

Monday, October 09, 2006

forkin' pitches

what's better than ezra (see track 152)? another old testament-named band! natch! track 153 was "invisible touch," from genesis. as a little kid i thought that "invisible touch" was a naughty song, because it sounded like phil collins was saying "and give you no tough shit," instead of "have an invisibile touch. yeah."

track 154 was "don't give up;" kate bush with an ex-genesis feller, peter gabriel. it's not a very good song. such are the sacrifices we all make in the name of linking.

track 155 was kate bush on her own, with the original version of "hounds of love," which is a very good song. i can't believe how good it is when the futureheads get their hands on it (track 156). i really can't believe that i haven't posted that track before now. if that was the first time that anyone heard that song, i can die satisfied with my accomplishments as a blogger. that futureheads album developed in a weird way for me. at first, i just skipped to "danger of the water"(track 157). then i realized that "meantime" was pretty kick-ass (track 158). then all of the other songs on the first-half of the album. i probably heard "hounds of love" twenty times before i actually listened to it and then, for a time, stopped listening to almost anything else. "manray" is a pretty good song too.

anyway futureheads. yeah, saw 'em at the pitchfork music festival in chicago this summer. they invited me to sing along with the intro to "hounds of love," and then, because they're nice guys, let everybody else sing along too. i didn't mind; it was clear that i was favorite. wife and i saw many bands over those two days, and tracks 159-167 are all from from bands that either played the festival itself or the pre-party show at the metro.

track 159 = art brut "emily kane"
track 160 = the national (best band at the festival) "secret meeting"
track 161 = spoon "sister jack"
track 162 = the mountain goats "no children"
track 163 = silver jews "tennessee"
track 164 = ted leo (broke his head on the mic, see above photo) and the pharmacists "parallel
or together"
track 165 = jens lekman "black cab"
track 166 = joggers "era prison"
track 167 = yo la tengo "i feel like going home"

which is what i said during yo la tengo's set (rimshot). they didn't do anything but stuff from the new album, which is a good album, but c'mon. throw us a cherry chapstick bone, ira.

so, good times at the pmf. cheap tickets, great merchandise, good food, reasonably priced beverages. many, many, many ironic t-shirts. and a good number of ironic tattoos. i hope they were ironic.

track 168
track 169
track 170
track 171
track 172
track 173
track 174
track 175
track 176
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