Monday, October 09, 2006

forkin' pitches

what's better than ezra (see track 152)? another old testament-named band! natch! track 153 was "invisible touch," from genesis. as a little kid i thought that "invisible touch" was a naughty song, because it sounded like phil collins was saying "and give you no tough shit," instead of "have an invisibile touch. yeah."

track 154 was "don't give up;" kate bush with an ex-genesis feller, peter gabriel. it's not a very good song. such are the sacrifices we all make in the name of linking.

track 155 was kate bush on her own, with the original version of "hounds of love," which is a very good song. i can't believe how good it is when the futureheads get their hands on it (track 156). i really can't believe that i haven't posted that track before now. if that was the first time that anyone heard that song, i can die satisfied with my accomplishments as a blogger. that futureheads album developed in a weird way for me. at first, i just skipped to "danger of the water"(track 157). then i realized that "meantime" was pretty kick-ass (track 158). then all of the other songs on the first-half of the album. i probably heard "hounds of love" twenty times before i actually listened to it and then, for a time, stopped listening to almost anything else. "manray" is a pretty good song too.

anyway futureheads. yeah, saw 'em at the pitchfork music festival in chicago this summer. they invited me to sing along with the intro to "hounds of love," and then, because they're nice guys, let everybody else sing along too. i didn't mind; it was clear that i was favorite. wife and i saw many bands over those two days, and tracks 159-167 are all from from bands that either played the festival itself or the pre-party show at the metro.

track 159 = art brut "emily kane"
track 160 = the national (best band at the festival) "secret meeting"
track 161 = spoon "sister jack"
track 162 = the mountain goats "no children"
track 163 = silver jews "tennessee"
track 164 = ted leo (broke his head on the mic, see above photo) and the pharmacists "parallel
or together"
track 165 = jens lekman "black cab"
track 166 = joggers "era prison"
track 167 = yo la tengo "i feel like going home"

which is what i said during yo la tengo's set (rimshot). they didn't do anything but stuff from the new album, which is a good album, but c'mon. throw us a cherry chapstick bone, ira.

so, good times at the pmf. cheap tickets, great merchandise, good food, reasonably priced beverages. many, many, many ironic t-shirts. and a good number of ironic tattoos. i hope they were ironic.

track 168
track 169
track 170
track 171
track 172
track 173
track 174
track 175
track 176


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