Thursday, August 31, 2006

aaaaand, we're back. by popular demand and somewhat threatening e-mails. sorry about the break, internet. also, as i am for real working on my thesis lately, the blog will likely be updated weekly this semester. daily?! did i really ever do that? do you know how much time that had to take? do you know how good i could be at magic now if i had spent that time practicing tricks instead? that cool thing with the crystal balls that bowie does in labyrinth? no problem! but here i am fulfilling my public service hours in a different way. but equal.

track 136 was another beach boys track, "vegetables." i'm not sure if that one ever made it to the final release of smile. in any case, sir paul mccartney contributed the chewing carrot noises to that track (amusing anecdote regarding said contribution here (about halfway down, under trivia).
track 137 was "receptacle for the respectable" from the super furry animals, to which sir paul mccartney contribute the chewing celery noises. that's musicianship.
track 138 was "a day in the life" from the beatles, to which sir paul mccarntey contributed chewing his own face noises. for a pretty cool take on that track, go here (#5).
track 139 was pink floyd's "eclipse." i almost forgot the link here. according to some people with expensive headphones, "if you listen hard at the end, when you are still hearing the beating of the heart, you can hear "ticket to ride" by the beatles in a muzak-style." i'm not sure i believe you.
track 140 was something off of zaireeka. holy shit, i really did forget what the link was. hold on. wait, i got it. the dark side of the moon supposedly syncs with the wizard of oz, and zaireeka syncs with itself. which led us to the yorke/greenwood thing, which syncs even less than dark side and oz. but i did get a record number of hits that day. thanks rabid radiohead fans!

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