Monday, September 18, 2006

forget about the baby

tracks 145 were more bowie covers; m. ward and the futureheads covering "let's dance." both versions convey exactly the same mood and emotional experience. track 146 was the cure covering "young americans." i take exception to the decision to change the lyrics from "do you remember/president nixon" to "do you remember/president clinton."
track 147 was nirvana doing bowie's "man who stole the world." i've heard tell that when bowie toured with trent reznor, some attendees were surprised when he played "that nirvana song." oh youth!
track 148 was "distopian dream girl" from built to spill, in which doug martsch's step-father "looks like david bowie, but hates david bowie." fear not, though, for doug himself continues to think that "bowie's cool." i saw built to spill over the summer and it was a magnificent set, but that guitarist from caustic resin is a freak.
track 149 was clap your hands say yaaaaaay! with "over and over again," in which i am told that i look like david bowie. depending on the decade we're talking about here, i may or may not be offended. when they introduce the david bowie stamp, which image would you rather lick the backside of?

or B.


track 150 was mr. bowie himself covering the pixies' "cactus." that is a creepy damned song when you actually listen to the lyrics.
track 151 was a track from night ripper, the new (and only?) album from girl talk. the pixies' "where is my mind?" is featured. track 152 was another girl talk track in which you could hear snatches of warren g, the ying-yang twins, 50-cent, and, i think, not one, but two of my recent high school mix picks, sophie b. hawkin's "damn, i wish i was your lover," and better than ezra's "good."

this may be hard to believe, but i did not realize that there was a naked lady in the picture from last week's post until fairly late in the week, and which point i went home, sat my family down at the kitchen table and told them, "kids, daddy's a pornographer."

track 153
track 154
track 155
track 156
track 157
track 158
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track 160
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Anonymous druid said...

you never told me the surprise "special" guest was genesis

6:26 PM  

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