Monday, August 06, 2007

receiving data from david bowie nipple antennae

track 211
track 212
track 213
track 214
track 215
track 216
track 217
track 218
track 219
track 220
track 221

track 211 was another beastie boys mashup, this time with that other british four-piece. from let it beast. there's another one from djbc called the beastles that i have not been able to get onto my hard drive. if anyone's got it, hook a blogger up (groan).
track 212 was just the plain ol' beatles..."splhcb". it's weird hearing it not followed by "a little help".
tracks 213, 214, and 215 are also "fake-live" tracks - studio recorded tracks with crowd noise edited in for one reason or another. 213 is the lips, "yoshimi pt. 2"; 214 is "magic trick" from m. ward's latest (not my favorite track from the album, but it does the job); and 215 is "finer feelings" from spoon's new one, Ga x 5. good album, although i've had it on my player for a little too long now. the wife and i did our 12-mile run on saturday, and i was a leetle sick of spoon by the end of it. it didn't help that our driver left the car at the 14-mile mark instead of at 12, so we had to hitch a ride. we put some serious stank in some nice lady's new oldsmobuick.
anyway, i'd like to know where the crowd noise on the spoon track comes sounds a little like ali g, no? also, check out the bass harmonica at the end.
track 216 is "slow hands," from interpol. remixed by mr. brett daniels, from spoon. track 217 is me, with a little track called "too much interpol." this is what happens when you have access to recording equipment and have just listened to our love to admire 4 or 5 times in a row while playing peggle (click at your own risk, that shit is addictive).
track 218 is the real interpol, "pioneer to the falls." this is a damn good track, and do my ears detect the soothing sounds of the melodica?
okay, track 219 is not a traditional audio-only track, as you may have noticed. it is a combination of moving images and musical sounds, juxtaposed to mirthful effect. i'm sure most of you have at least heard of flight of the conchords; if not, i announce with trembling pleasure the appearance of a great new novelty music act. i like this song much less than many of their other efforts, but the mandolin effect at the 1:00 mark reminds me of the guitar at the 2:56 mark on the interpol track.
track 220 is another fotc song, from episode 6. better, better. earlier in the same episode, jemaine shows up as "1980 david bowie from the music video 'ashes to ashes'(track 221)" if you've come this far you should go ahead and watch "1972 david bowie from the ziggie stardust tour." now go change your pants.
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