Thursday, April 27, 2006

lover, do you want chèvre?

track 91 was daft punk's "phoenix," also on isaac brock's ipod. track 92 was supergrass's "moving," which can be found on another celebrity's ipod, mr. tobias fünke's.

track 93
track 94
track 95

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

immodest mouse

track 88 was a live version of "trailer trash" in which isaac brock's lisp is more audible than usual. track 89 was also live modest mouse, "bankrupt on selling." this is the song that i always end up playing when i try to play radiohead's "how to disappear completely."

track 90 was frank black's "the vanishing spies" off of his self-titled album. linked to number 89 because it's on isaac brock's ipod (which almost definitely has an std).

a careful examination of the lyrics of "the vanishing spies" makes me think that frank's singing about the twin voyager spacecraft. i just did a quick google search in the hopes that i would be the first person to present this theory to the internet community, but alas, psychic twin, over at the frank black forums beat me to the punch. if you ever think you have a completely original thought, google will quickly disillusion you of your foolishness.

track 91
track 92

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

as if you didn't already

i forgot my wallet yesterday and therefore could not enter the computer lab and therefore could not update this web log.

track 87 was another sun kil moon cover of another modest mouse song. does it bug anybody else that brock wrote "i feel pretty blissfully" as a lyric for that song? a guy that characterizes bukowski as "a pretty good read" should know the difference between an adjective and an adverb. i'm just sayin'.

druid brought it to my attention that mark kozelek was one of the members of the fictional band, stillwater, in almost famous. it remains unclear whether he played bass or guitar. that led to a discussion of that one song that stillwater plays live during the movie and whether it's more derivative of u2's "bullet the blue sky" or ted nugents "stranglehold," or both, since i think that "bullet" itself is a "stranglehold" rip-off. i'm hoping it's "bullet", since then the original material would be at least twice removed from the end product.

more tracks today since i've been slack lately.

track 88
track 89
track 90

Friday, April 21, 2006

ashes to ashes

track 86 was sun kil moon with a cover of modest mouse's "tiny cities made of ashes." a man named mark kozelek is sun kil moon and red house painters. without him they are nothing.

track 87

Thursday, April 20, 2006

white house painters

white as in caucasian, or as in the house itself is white? we may never know.

track 85 was the red house painters (and what's red but the most orange of all oranges?) with "san geronimo."

i have an unpleasant memory of being pulled over by a police officer while listening to the red house painters, back in aught-two, i believe. i got away without a ticket, but he did impress upon me the importance of obeying the speed limit by profaning several times during the course of our interaction. damn red house painters.

track 86

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


track 84 was "haeter" from oranger. oranger, oranger, oranger, haven't you ever heard of spell check? track 83 was off of the album orange, although it wasn't was grey.

track 85

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

orange revolution alarm!

i missed a day. i have no excuses, internet. i was actually sitting at home last night with some time to kill, and instead of being responsible and productive by updating this, i chose to read a book (the best a man can get), play a video game for a while, and then watch appleseed.
i am an empty shell of a man.

track 83 was the sweat of the blues explosion. jon spencer co-produced r.l.'s a ass pocket of whiskey. the only time it's funner to sing along with a sweat song is at the end of billy idol's "dancing with myself."

track 84

Friday, April 14, 2006

playing possum

track 82 was bob log iii's label-mate on fat possum records, r.l. burnside. the song was "have you ever been lonely?" off of a ass pocket of whiskey. burnside died about the same time that katrina hit. given that he was survived by 12 kids, the question in the song title was probably rhetorical.

track 83

for druid

Thursday, April 13, 2006

filthy lucre

track 81 was bob log iii with "clap your tits" off of trike. smog. fog. bob log.
bob log iii is an interesting fellow, as you may have discerned after listening to track 81. the man is never seen without his space helmet and, according to his website, lost his left hand in a childhood boating accident and had it replaced with a monkey paw. although it has been rumoured that he is actually one of the strokes, his agent denies this, saying, "none of the strokes have monkey paws."
other bob log iii tracks include, "boob scotch" and "wag your tail like a dog in back of a truck". those of you in the greater salt lake area will be heartened to know that he will be playing over at in the venue in may.

track 82

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

walkin' and thinkin'...
about you

track 79 was smog with "cold-blooded old times," which was on the high fidelity soundtrack along with track 78. track 80 was fog with "plumb dumb" which has one of the prettiest, subtlest crescendos of any music i've heard since yanni.

smog, fog,...

track 81

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


track 77="elevator love letter" from the stars, a band that shares a couple of members with broken social scene. amy millan included, who just put out a solo album.
track 78 was "you're gonna miss me" from the 13th floor elevators (how dangerous!).

track 79
track 80

Monday, April 10, 2006

unbroken social scene

track 75 was "lover's spit" and track 76 was "i'm still your fag." both from broken social scene, who are canadian, just like the youths pictured above.

track 77
track 78

Friday, April 07, 2006

viva canadia!

track 73 was "sing me spanish techno" off of the new pornographers' latest twin cinema. track 74 was "when love and hate collide from a sort-of-bootleg def leppard acoustic album, unplugged and unshaved.
most of the new pornographers are from canada, and the def leppard set was recorded in the studios of much music, which is kind of like canada's version of early 80's mtv.

i saw the commercials for the def leppard/journey tour the other day, and nearly soiled myself with glee. i almost went to the def leppard/bryan adams show a couple of years ago, but now i'm glad i waited. imagine the sheer rock power that will be present at whichever county fairs are lucky enough to host these guys. think about the mind-blowing, face-melting possibilities for two-band encore medleys. after the "last" song, the lights go down in the rodeo arena and the members from both bands sly into their positions. it's not really dark because it's only 7:00, but it's darker, and the audience is polite and pretends not to see them. suddenly the high clear of voice of whoever's playing steve perry at the moment rings through the night; "just a small town girl!" and then silence, but with heavy, heavy delay, so it takes almost as long for "girl" to die as it does for the crowd to stop applauding. he does this three more times and the anticipation is driving everybody apeshit. the last time a single white spotlight shines on the singer and he continues to sing the rest of the verse, acapella. he gets drums on the first part of the next verse, bass on the second part, and then they get to that part where the guitarist is playing his scales increasingly faster and louder and he just keeps going, faster and louder until people are getting a little nervous that he's not going to stop and some of the kids are crying and then he hits the strings twice and the def leppard singer is immediately there with "libbin like a bomp!" or whatever he says at the beginning of "pour some sugar" also with heavy delay and the def leppard guitarist is crawling up and down the neck and in the part of the crowd where the hardcore journey and def leppard fans have been fighting all night and going to the bathroom during the other band's sets, the tide of the battle turns and some of the fallen def leppard warriors rise and began to swing their chains with renewed vigor.
from there they move into "girl can't help it," then "animal," "anyway you want it," slow it down a little bit for "faithfully" and "love bites" and then they turn up the "rock" knob again, and during the whole set there is an unprecedented amount of cooperation betwen the two bands; the guitarists are doing that thing where they rest on each other's backs and then turn around to play each other's guitars, the singers are smashing their sweaty foreheads together and sharing the mic, journey's drummer is trying not to show off the fact that he has two arms and as they end the set by moving back into "don't stop believing," both singers are exhorting the crowd to never, ever stop believing (in the power of rock and roll, but that's just understood and not explicitly stated) and then everybody on stage sings "oo-oo-woo-oo, nothin' stands between looove and yoooouu!" in twelve part harmony and some people's heads do explode but mostly heart's just stop beating for a few seconds and then darkness! again! twenty minutes of applauding until hands start bleeding and then everybody goes home to lead slightly better lives and def leppard/journey move on to the next town.

track 75
track 76

Thursday, April 06, 2006

bring on the pr0n!

i put this picture up without knowing this, weird web zen.

track 71 was "the needle has landed," the last (best?) track on the new neko case album, fox confessor brings the flood. linked to track 70, "all tomorrow's parties" by the fact that kneekos sing both.

track 72 was "bones of an idol" from the new pornographers' twin cinema, which is a super-duper album. neko case sings on it.

druid's comment made me laugh so much that i have hereby named him co-blog chancellor and honorary dance commander. here's a bonus track in celebration.


and on with business

track 73
track 74

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the mel's here!

track 69 was a track from a movie with mel gibson in it, just like track 68! now the two are linked. ho-ho!

there was a time when i considered all things u2 as holy. i think it started when i accidentally checked achtung baby! out from the pocatello public library when i was 15 or so. it didn't have a cover on it and i thought it was another album...howard jones, maybe. as you may or may not know, achtung baby! is a kick-ass album. i will never apologize for loving it. so you can imagine what followed, concerts, midnight release parties, watching and re-watching the zoo tv from sydney show with my girlfriend, making bono-shaped candles to burn in my dorm room, etc.

is awesome. pop i still like. from there on out...mostly shite. i realized i had turned a corner when i saw this and laughed at everything on it without feeling like i was betraying anybody. i suspect that whoever wrote that little infographic went through a process very similar to my own.

anyway, my obsession was just starting to wind down when million-dollar hotel came out. a bono-written script you say? well, maybe i'll check it out when it comes out on dvd. it's not that bad of a movie, but did we really need milla jovovich's caterwauling on the soundtrack? you tell me.

track 70 was also written by lou reed, and was also sung by a woman with an unpleasant voice.

track 71
track 72

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

masta blasta

track 67 was "california love" from 2pac and dr. dre, which borrowed from "west coast poplock". track 68 was "we don't need another hero" from tina turner off of the mad max 3: beyond thunderdome soundtrack. at first i thought that it was just me that thought that the video for part 2 of "california love" looked a lot like mad max, but a quick look around the internet told me that i'm not alone. it looks like hype williams, the director of the video, made it clear that the film was an influence. as it is in my own work.

track 69
track 70

Monday, April 03, 2006

poppin' and a lockin'

anybody else suffering from the government-mandated jet lag? it's gonna take a while for my perky level to get back to baseline.

track 65 was nwa with "express yourself", which blatently steals intellectual material from charles wright and makes it impossible for him to make a living. hey nwa, why not just take the food right from charles wright's kids' mouths?

track 66 was ronnie hudson with "west coast poplock", found on the first disc of the san andreas soundtrack ((bounce fm, if you happen to be playing). track 65 doesn't look like it's on the official soundtrack, but you can hear it if you tune in to radio los santos, or just steal pretty much any car in the ganton neighborhood of los santos.

track 67
track 68
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