Monday, October 23, 2006

eff. you. see. kay.

track 168 was "anticipation," from blonde redhead, a band with the same gender ratio as yo la tengo (fmm). slightly different ethnic makeup, however. track 169 was "modern girls and old-fashioned men" from another new york band, the strokings, featuring regina spektor. we saw the strokes a couple of weeks ago and they were much more friendly than i anticipated. the difference between the stuff from the new album and the first two was very apparent. tracks 170 and 171 are supposedly ryan adams covering the strokes, but I have my doubts, especially about the first one. anybody that can verify one way or the other, give me a ring. a call from ryan adams himself would be ideal, we'll see if we can put that together.
track 172 was "come pick me up," also from mr. adams. which begins a series of songs in which the f-word is sweetly sung:
track 173, "the trapeze swinger," from iron and wine. that song is like a 9 minute parade, especially with headphones on. listen for the elephants to come in at just before the 7 minute mark.
track 174, "another sunny day," from belle and sebastian. i don't know anything about this song. other than the facts that they say "fook-all" and it's on pitchfork's infinite mixtape.
track 175, "don't call me whitney, bobby," from the islands. coming back to slc in november. i will be present.
track 176, "willie deadwilder," from cat power and guest guitarist m.ward. there's a (much) shorter version of this song on the greatest, but it doesn't say eff, so disqualified. i like the 18-minute monster version better anyway; listening to the whole song is almost as good as taking a nap. i think that you can hear chan stop to take a drink every now and then.
and so ends our foray into pg-13 territory. i like these songs because they take almost all of the power away from "fuck." if you were offended by its use in any of the preceding songs, you should probably spend some time considering your fear of mortality and how it's polluting your present life experiences.

track 177
track 178
track 179
track 180
track 181
track 182
track 183
track 184


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