Thursday, January 11, 2007

you know i'll never go, as long as i know

behold. the power of poocher. it's going to be a short one, to be sure, but here it is. remember when i said something about weekly updates? let's go ahead and just realize we can expect updates about once every half-moon. the waning half moon, sheez. let's not get crazy.

okay, last post's tracks were:
177 - "to go home" from m. ward. as i mentioned previously, he played an apparently marathon session with cat power to record track 176. also, "to go home" is a daniel johnston cover.
178 - "devil town." also a daniel johnston tune. this one's performed by bright eyes.
179 - "rocket ship." the unicorns (may they rest in peace) doing johnston. druid was sitting in the vip booth with me and the missuses at the islands show in salt lake, and when jaime d'artagnan said that they were going to do a cover, druid's ass totally called "waterloo sunset" before the pick even hit the strings. that, ladies and gentlemen, is what indie rock magic means to me.
track 180 - beck doing johnston's "true love will find you in the end." for some reason that file is mislabeled.
track 181 - mr. tweedy doing the same song. not better, guys. just different.
track 182 - jeff and a song called either "panthers" or "proving death again," depending on who you ask. if you ask wilco, they'll tell you it's called panthers, but i have my own ideas on the subject.
track 183 is a the famous new age new-age pianist george winston (forgot the hyphen, thanks druid for the proof-reading) and holy shit i forgot what it's called. the end of it, though, has that same thing as the live tweedy song. that thing that's not really music, but makes you want to pour yourself into your headphones.
track 184 - george winston again, covering the doors.

what could come next?

track 185
track 186 (problems, use alternate link)
track 187


Anonymous druid said...

you said

"...famous new age piantist george winston"

not to nit-pick but you made a typo and i don't mean piantist!

7:14 PM  
Anonymous druid said...


1:59 PM  
Anonymous poochers said...

druid, you are weird. tell james to call me.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous druid said...

i cannot figure out this dang theme.
it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, all rolled up in a spinach tortilla.

9:39 PM  
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