Friday, June 01, 2007


some crazy mixing ups with the last post...there was supposed to be a doors/peaches mashup in there somewhere, but apparently it got lost somewhere between my typing keys and my internet screen. it, i guess, if you're really interested.

fine, i looked it up for you, lazy suck.

track 185 and track 186 were both "soba" from the benevuto/russo duo, a two-piece (surprise) from brooklyn. just like the doors, they have no bassist.

you might think that not having a bassist is not too big of a deal...the black keys get along fine without one (track 187), and are any of us really going to miss michael anthony? but don't be too hasty, brother. we took a trip to a little place called george washington over the weekend, and neko case's bassist was in a car accident and could not attend. guess what? it didn't sound as good. and where would we be without this guy?

i think that i'm going to try something different with the ol' web's been kind of a pain in my ass to revisit the last entry everytime i want to post, so i think that i'll start posting new tracks at the top of the post and then post new post track information postings at the bottom of the post.

track 188
track 189
track 190
track 191
track 192
track 193
track 194
track 195
track 196
track 197
track 198
track 199
track 200
track 201
track 202
track 203
track 204
track 205
track 206
track 207
track 208
track 209
track 210

that's a lot of hooch. if you haven't already, i recommend getting down-them-all and grabbing them shits as a group, unless you like clicking and downloading each individual link.

so, like i explained above, from now on, i'll post the tracks and the explanation/description in the same post. don't worry, the explanations will be far enough down on the post that those of you who still want to play the home game won't have it spoiled.

in this case, i'm not even going to try and give a description of each track. i'll tell you that track 188 is viva voce and they don't have a bassist either. they're kind of like a bizarro white girl in cowboy hat on guitar, and sloppy dude on drums. after that, suffice it to say that every one of the bands above played at sasquatch this year. it was a hell of a show. many many different flavors of hippies and second-hand pot. the polyphonic spree had their set shortened because of the wind, sarah silverman showed up for all of 90 seconds, and both carlos d and i got our asses kicked at guitar hero. if you have the means, i highly recommend making the trip. photos here.

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