Friday, March 31, 2006

gimme them duckets

a picture i took of myself in san andreas

track 62 was another led zeppelin cover; "dancing days" as done by the stone temple pilots. track 63 was "plush", also from stp. track 64 was "express yourself" from charles wright. linked to track 63 by the presence of both on the grand theft auto: san andreas soundtrack. coincidentally, i just finished the last mission of san andreas today. goodbye, dear friend. i shan't forget the hours we spent together, driving, flying, working out, setting pedestrians aflame.
if "express yourself" sounded familiar, this might be why:

track 65
track 66

Thursday, March 30, 2006

you know chrysler? i'm his muse.

i'm not sure whether to take druid seriously. if his comment is true then his duran duran cover ignorance runs even deeper and truer than mine. he has, however, been known to make sarcastical comments from time to time.
in any case, track 60 was duran duran covering led zeppelin's "thank you". the track appeared on duran duran's all cover album, on the led zeppelin tribute album encomium, and on the soundtrack to the unforgettable film with honors.
track 61 was led zeppelin's original version off of led zeppelin ii: back from the sewers.

track 62

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

femme fatality

never heard these guys, but they're playing kilby later this month

got some catching up to do. track 57 was a remix of "superpowers" from the dismemberment plan. when they broke up they made all of tracks from their master recordings available on the internet and invited people to remix them. they picked the ones they like best and put out a people's history of the dismemberment plan. that particular remix uses the same two-chord progression as "ooh la la." (track 56)
track 58 was travis morrison of the dismemberment plan calling my home during their last show at kilby court and leaving a message on my machine chiding me for missing their concert. he doesn't know me, but he saw my wife capturing some of the concert with a cell phone and, because she's cute, he talked to her about it in between songs. when he found out that i was missing the show because i had to work, he thought he should call and talk to me. which cheered me up to no end.
track 58b was another answering machine message, this one from gordon, the most violent of the violent femmes to the rest of the band.
track 59 was duran duran's cover of the velvet underground's "femme fatale" (pronounced "fem", not "femmy"). embarassing self-disclosure: it wasn't until i was almost 21 that i found out that "femme fatale" wasn't written by duran duran. needless to say, when i traded in all of my van halen cds soon after that, the best of velvet underground was the first album i got.

track 60
track 61

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

no time!

songs today! links tomorrow!

track 58b
track 59

Monday, March 27, 2006

it's snowman! take him!

track 55 = "oh yoko" from john lennon, a singer from a band called the beatles, who were sampled on track 54. track 56 was "ooh la la" from the faces. both 55 and 56 were from the rushmore soundtrack.

track 57
track 58 (sounds really crappy at first...give it a minute)

Friday, March 24, 2006

beck david ciccone

how 'bout them mashups!? no idea how those guys do that without the original tracks. all of these tracks were taken from best of bootie 2005, but you can imagine the vast linking opportunities made possible by the existence of this kind of music. god keep you ruff muff and dj riko! i seek refuge from satan in earworm and king of pants!
track 52 was "big shot pimpin'" (jay-z vs. billy joel) from brat, track 53 was "do you wanna cuz it's tricky" (franz ferdinand vs. run-dmc vs. the knack) from thriftshop xl, and track 54 was "my other car is a beatle" (l'trimm vs. armand van helden vs. the beatles vs. gary numan) from jay-r.
let's take a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of the band names "l'trimm" and "jay-r".
almost as good as "when rocky beat the russian"

track 55
track 56

Thursday, March 23, 2006

soggiest album?

track 48 (bran van 3000's version of "cum on feel the noize") was linked to enuff z'nuff by the fact the both band names rhyme with themselves. for extra linkerage power, bran van 3000 was covering another rhyming-name band, quiet riot. who were covering slade, which rhymes with nothing. track 49, sufjan stevens' "come on feel the illinoise!" track 50 was the killers with "jenny was a friend of mine." linked to sufjan stevens by the fact that both artists were honored at the 2005 your band sucks reader's choice awards for "worst genre comeback of the year" and "soggiest album," respectively. other winners were bjork for "scariest absence" and death cab for cutie for "most satisfying kick in indie culture's nuts." good ol' doc thorpe.
track 51 was "somebody rock me" the killers vs. the clash from party ben, off of best of bootie 2005, a nice collection of bastard pop, from 2005 i think.
speaking of mashups...

track 52
track 53
track 54

also, welcome to our first (known) international reader, sissyankles, who currently hails from new zealand, yet is still somehow intimate with preston idaho.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

lick my love pump

track 47 is linked to track 46 because elvis costello sings both songs. i will fight anyone who says otherwise, including all four of the enuff z'nuff pansies who claim to be responsible for track 47 ("fingers on it")

since i've been slack lately, i'll put up a bunch today

track 48
track 49
track 50
track 51

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i-da-ho, you-da-ho

this one's a bit of a stretch, but here we go. preston school of industry, napoleon dynamite lives in preston, elvis costello used napoleon dynamite as a pseudonym on the album blood and chocolate; on which "i want you" (track 46) is found. track 45 (yeah, i know that i put the tracks in the wrong order, very sorry) is "lipstick vogue" off of the soundtrack for the shape of things, a film that had a mormon director (neil labute) just like napoleon dynamite.
how the world does turn!

track 47

Monday, March 20, 2006

back in the saddle

hello internet! i'm back from having spent a delightful spring break cruising the streets of los santos, san fierro, and las venturas. i've almost exterminated all of those pesky ballas for the second time.

track 43 was pavement with "stop breathin'" off of crooked rain crooked rain. linked to track 42 by stephen malkmus. track 44 was the preston school of industry with "caught in the rain," off of monsoon. linked to 43 by mr. spiral stairs, onetime pavement member who moved on to the preston school of industry.

track 45
track 46

Monday, March 13, 2006

if you can, can-can!

spring break here at usu, so I probably will be posting more or less sporadically this week. track 41 was "k-hole" off of tanglewood numbers from the silver (silver, silver) jews. track 42 was "deado" from stephen malkmus, who is a silver jew.

track 43
track 44

Thursday, March 09, 2006

let us not forget...

track 39 was morton subotnick himself with "silver apples of the moon-part 1." track 40 was laika with "sugar daddy" off of...wait for it...silver apples of the moon. i've had the laika album sitting on my hard drive for about 4 years now and still haven't ever listened to the whole thing, but i like that track.

track 41
track 42

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

now even apple-ier!

track 37 was joanna newsom with "bridges and balloons" which was also featured on the golden apples of the sun compilation. track 38 was caribou, (used to be known as manitoba(what's that one-word term for "used to be known as"?)) with a track called "subotnick" off of the milk of human kindness. morton subotnick was an early electronic music guru who became famous with his release silver apples of the moon.

track 39
track 40

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

brownish-green apples of the horse

track 36 was curritick co. with "the tropics of cancer" off of golden apples of the sun, a compilation put together by devendra banhart. i've been looking around a little bit, trying to find out where one could buy the album, if one were so inclined, but no luck so far. pitchfork says insound has it, but i'm not seeing it. itunes, mebbe? it's real damned good though.
the curritick co. song is linked to the boy least likely to song by a string of multi-colored apples from various sources. we're about to go on a little apples riff here. hang on to your apples.

track 37
track 38

Monday, March 06, 2006

mr. and mrs. least likely to...and somebody else

track 34 was ex-smith morrissey with "the girl least likely to" off of my early burglary years. track 35 was "i'm glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star" from the boy least likely to off of the album best party ever. i'm pretty sure the above photo was taken at that party.

for anyone paying attention, the files names are a little screwed up right now; it should be fixed by tomorrow.

track 36

Friday, March 03, 2006

do not mistake the unripe loquat for the avocado

track 32 has a very long title. "royksopp - poor leno (silikon soul remix) / erlend oye - there is a light that never goes out (acapella)" off of what i consider to be the best of the dj kicks series, the one put together by erlend oye, of the kings of convenience. good track selection, good transitions, and a kick-ass cover.

track 33 was loquat with their version of "there is a light that never goes out," off of the before the momentum ep. they've got a new album out that i've just heard a few tracks off of, and what i've heard, i like. i think druid's right, we could probably go on for a while with the covers of that particular smith song, but i think that we've already listened to two of the best. the undisputed best version is, of course, the one performed by the blackfoot high school pep band at the idaho state football playoffs in 1994, but since there is no known recording of that version, we'll have to content ourselves with loquat.

track 34
track 35

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i can dj kick

crispin glover on the late show with david letterman in 1987

track 31 was toy's "rabbit pushing mover" off of annie's installment of the dj kicks series. i've listened to most of the series, and i like annie's a lot, but there's one that's even better.

track 32
track 33

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

leapin' lizards!

track 30 was "hearbeat" from annie off of the album anniemal. pitchfork rated it as the best single of 2004, just like they rated track 29 as the best single of 2005.

people like to talk badly about pitchfork (subpop, something awful, wikipedia forum), but i say, "don't slag 'em off." back in the early days of napster, when i was looking for more and more music to download, i happened across pitchfork's best of list for the year, and discovered a lot of music i wouldn't have otherwise. when they did their little april fool's joke about changing to a more mainstream publication, i got almost physically sick. i disagree with them about a lot of things, but i'll probably be reading for a long time to come.

track 31
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